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Would you like a fulfilling way to practice law?
One that offers you a flexible schedule and greater earning potential?  

Would you like a solid system to find, engage, and serve families and business owners, right in your hometown, with zero marketing budget?
As a first step, download your free copy of our best-selling book, “Wear Clean Underwear” (yes, funny name to grab attention) that was written for parents. It will illuminate the potential for using your law degree for GOOD.
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TOP 3 THINGS You’ll Learn From the Book
How to engage clients for Legacy Planning services and end up with happy clients for life.
How to talk with clients about the value of estate planning using the terms and words they need to hear.
Where most estate planning lawyers are failing their clients inadvertently. 

Gerald Kane

"I’ve been an estate planning attorney with my own practice for over 15 years. After using these trainings, I’ve created an efficient, streamlined practice.

I’ve seen my practice double in the last year, even in a down-turn economy and facing the loss of my wife. I’m seeing a younger, more sophisticated client and as a result, my average fee has tripled. If you follow this advice, your practice will be revolutionized, too.”

Darlynn Morgan

"Once I found NLBM and started using their systems, nothing has stopped my practice from growing and hitting 98% retention – not the recession, not taking 3 months maternity leave, or even deciding to cut my work down to three days a week!"

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