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We will also discontinue selling the Estate Planning Bootcamp, Business Practice Bootcamp and Client Engagement Systems separately.

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This is the last month we are selling our programs without requiring you to talk with a Law Business Advisor first.

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 Irene De Jesus
“Oh my goodness I FOUND it! These resources are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. In my humble opinion, my investment in this model is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what I am learning and receiving. Time and time again I am blown away by the learning and the resources. As a new practicing attorney, I have the solid foundation I need to be very successful :)”
  • Learn To Do Estate Planning In A Whole New Way That You And Your Clients Will Absolutely Love. Get Your Own Plan Done Right And Then Take On 2 Practice Clients And You'll Be Ready To Fly.
  • Members-Only 24/7 Support + Connection Forum * 90 Days Of Group Coaching Support + 3 Private Sessions
  • 8 Online Modules You Can Complete In A Weekend Or Take 8 Weeks -- It's On Your Schedule * Create Plans That Truly Work! 
  • Qualifies for 4-10 credits of CLE, depending on your State

$3000 $1800
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  • 7 Steps to Recurring Revenue Serving Business Owners Beyond the One-Off Transaction
  • Three Courses to Teach You to Lead Your Clients to Have a Full Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Foundation to Support Their Business Vision + a 10-Module CLE-Qualified Legal Training
  • Members Only 24/7 Support + Connection Forum
  • 90 Days of Group Coaching Support + 3 Private Sessions
  • Qualifies for 4-10 credits of CLE, depending on your State

 $3500 $2100
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  • Engage 97.5% Of Prospects You Talk To At Average Fees Of $3000-$5000 Upfront
  • Members-Only 24/7 Support + Connection Forum
  • 90 Days Of Group Coaching Support + 3 Private Sessions
  • Templates, Scripts, Checklists, Tracking Sheets, Videos, And Audios. Start Getting Hired By Every Client You Meet In Just 15-30 Days, Depending On How Much Time You Have.
$3995 $2397
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Serve families in your community with estate planning in a new way, get hired and paid on average $4,000 per estate plan, whether you live in a big or small community.
* Estate Planning Bootcamp
* The Client Engagement System
* The Kids' Protection Plan Training 
* 90 Days of Group Coaching Support + 3 private sessions with a Law Business Coach
Plus These Bonuses...
Bonus #1 
90-days of Direct Support from Alexis, Our Law Business Mentors Plus Our Helpful Members and Your Own Law Business Coach.

Bonus #2 
Done for you "Personal Family Lawyer"® client engagement resources, for three plans + a Tested and Proven client recruitment letter to enroll your first three practice clients.

Bonus #3
Getting your first 5 clients training webinar, that goes In-Depth on how to  land ideal, high paying clients without spending money.
And much, much more...
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 $6998 $3499
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The Famous Whole Enchilada!
Get It All... Everything you need to become THE Trusted Advisor for families and small business owners in your community.
 $11,992 $4,796
PLUS: Pay in Full on the Whole Enchilada and Receive Two Private Coaching Sessions with Million Dollar Practice Builder, Alexis Neely, to use anytime in the next 12 months. ($2,500 value)
PLUS: Pay In Full On The Whole Enchilada And Receive Two Private Coaching Sessions With Million Dollar Practice Builder, Alexis Neely, To Use Anytime In The Next 12 Months. ($2,500 Value)
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Check Out These Exclusive, Behind-The-Scenes Interviews With Lawyers Who Have Used Our Programs...

Maureen P.

"I was afraid to let go of a regular paycheck -- this corporation was paying me a yearly salary so I was terrified of going out on my own... finally I decided to join the Estate Planning Bootcamp and I am loving the fact that I have more time to spend with my son because the work hours are not as crazy as they used to be. I have so much more free time and have clients who are coming in."

Edwin H.

"The biggest initial concern I had was from a financial standpoint... I was having some financial difficulties and had concerns about making a long-term commitment. But since I started the Estate Planning Bootcamp and Client Engagement System a few months ago, I now have recurring monthly clients at approximately $6,000 per estate plan, and it's picking up. I've had four clients sign on the dotted line literally in the past 30 days."

Amie M.

"I graduated law school in 2011 as a brand-new mom. Everything I had learned in law school was completely worthless because I didn't know how to run a business... I had no clue how to charge money and market myself. When I found Alexis, I went all in on her programs, and in the first 2 weeks I had my first $4,000 trust fund signed. Right now as I speak I'm sitting on my beautiful back porch staring at my gorgeous pool and it's 3:30 on a Thursday. I'm not even in the office now. My client service director is running the show."

Julie R.

"I did litigation work for 12 years and basically hated every minute of it. It was just sort of what I fell into out of law school because I didn't know what else there was and it was a really bad fit -- I was miserable. When I stumbled across Alexis' Estate Planning Bootcamp program and decided to take the plunge. The videos were so inspiring -- all the tools are there. With the program, I started turning a profit in 6 months, and every month sine then has been profitable, which was so far beyond my wildest expectations..."

Kevin S.

"When I found the New Law Business Model, I was frustrated with my current law practice. I was toiling away as a government employee and was looking for a complete change. I was skeptical Alexis' program would bring results but now I'm almost a year and a half in and it has exceeded my expectations by far. I am hitting numbers I didn't think were possible... right now I am approaching the $300k mark for the year, which I shouldn't even be hitting for another 4 months according to my year plan."
Frequently Asked Questions
I've heard you speak about a membership program, is that included in the Whole Enchilada?
Answer: Whole Enchilada does not include our membership program. Whole Enchilada and Legal Life Planning Bootcamp are our foundational training programs that we advise all of the attorneys who work with us to start with.
Once you have successfully implemented the strategies and methodologies that we teach in these foundational programs and are engaging families and small business owners at $3500-$5500 on average per initial engagement, then you will be ready for membership. In membership we give you all the marketing resources + client service systems you need to replicate those results again and again and again. But, you need to be ready for that -- and the Bootcamps + Whole Enchilada are where that happens.  Book a call with a Law Business Advisor Here. 
Are these programs eligible for CLE credits? If so, how many credits does each program provide?
Answer: The BPBC and EPBC program materials (either standalone or as part of LLPBC or Whole Enchilada) are eligible for CLE credits. The number of CLE credits varies by state, but typically ranges between 4-10.
How many modules are in the Legal Life Planning Bootcamp?
Answer: The Legal Life Planning Bootcamp consists of our Estate Planning Bootcamp, the Client Engagement System, and the Kids Protection Plan Training as well as bonus programs showing you how to attract new clients and a training on getting your first 5 clients with no and low-cost marketing strategies. 
Normally, it would take you 30-60 days to go through the Legal Life Planning Bootcamp, learn to do estate planning in a new way and begin engaging clients, but we do have a fast track if you have clients coming in next week and you are ready to engage them in a whole new, satisfying, and far more lucrative manner (read: average fee of $4,000 per plan)
Are there any marketing strategies associated with these programs?
Answer: In the Legal Life Planning Bootcamp and Whole Enchilada, we teach you how to use no and low cost marketing while you learn how to get hired and serve clients with estate and business planning the new law business model way. Once you are doing that, we have a membership program that provides you with all the done for you marketing you need. But before you spend any money on marketing, we want to make sure you’ll see ROI on your initial investment by knowing how to use our system for counseling your clients, structuring and quoting your fees and generating $3500-$5500 per client on average.
What is the Perpetual Marketing Machine Program with Client Attraction System? 
 Answer: Get our two best programs on direct response marketing for lawyers-- the Client Attraction System + the Perpetual Marketing Machine. Learn the fundamentals of direct response marketing for lawyers so you are able to automate your marketing systems and build yourself a big list of people who will hire you (or refer you) when they are ready. PLUS, build out your automated communication campaign structure so that you stay top of mind with your list and become THE go to lawyer in your community. 
We offer you these programs so you can get educated on direct response marketing for lawyers. And once you are ready to put it into action, we welcome you into our Personal Family Lawyer, Family Business Lawyer, or Creative Business Lawyer programs where we've created all the marketing -- done for you.
Why is the Perpetual Marketing Machine Program with Client Attraction System not available as a standalone product? 
We do not sell these programs separately because we do not believe they will serve you that way. Learning to market without having a client engagement system + a new way to serve your clients in place is actually a disservice to you, and to your community. So we bundle these programs only with our Whole Enchilada, where we know you'll have everything you need to actually put them into good use.
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