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Welcome! You’re here to learn more about the NLBM Accelerator “Done For You” Website Service.
Why we created this done for you website service.

The intent behind the NLBM Accelerator “Done For You” Website Service is to provide an easy, optimized done-for-you website for lawyers who don’t want to hassle with creating or maintaining their own website, either DIY or by paying an outside vendor to create a custom build from scratch – and for those lawyers who want to know that their website is set up for maximum lead generation, presentation/event attending, appointment scheduling, and interactivity using all of the New Law Business Model resources.

We’ve made the website friendly and appealing for your website visitors. We want to help you skip all the time, expense, and heartache that comes with building and maintaining your own website, either DIY or with a custom designer.

Note: The NLBM Accelerator “Done For You” Website Service is currently available for both lawyers who enroll in the NLBM Accelerator Automated Systems Program and those who haven't yet. Pricing and terms differ depending on that factor. Book a call with Tom to discuss how to move forward.

For more details on the Automated Systems, click here.
These are the questions that will be answered below:
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What’s included with the website buildout?
The NLBM Accelerator Website is a proprietary template with hours upon hours of collaborative design behind it, plus hundreds of hours and $$ investment in trial, error, and training that combines the best of website layout, design and copy to turn your website into a lead generating machine.

All of the below benefits are included with the website buildout so that you hit the ground running with a website years beyond what a DIY website builder (or even a custom designer) would give you.

In addition to the build of all the webpages you need as a Personal Family Lawyer®or Family Business Lawyer™editions, plus the menus, sitemap, integration with your Infusionsoft campaigns, and links to your landing pages for Wear Clean Underwear, Kids Protection Plan, and your other lead magnets, we’ve also built in 10 on-page technical SEO factors that will boost your website to get ranked higher by search engines:
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  •  Keywords in titles and headlines
  •  Friendly URL structure 
  •  Optimized header tags 
  •  Customized Google meta-description (the blurb under the title of the page on Google’s search results to encourage your prospect to choose your website over another) 
  •  Internal site links 
  •  Up to one year of blog content pre-loaded with calls to action and opt-ins personalized to you 
  •  XML Sitemap created and submitted to Google and Bing 
  •  Subject of page/post included in the image alt text 
  •  Canonicalized html tags to prevent content duplication to make search engines friendlier to the content on the website
Do I have to provide all the content for the website?
No, this is already provided for you via your New Law Business Model membership. You may edit the content we provide before the site is launched, if you desire to do so.

There are a couple of places where we do need custom content from you, such as your personal story, your team member’s bios, and your firm story. But other than these few personalization portions, you don’t have to worry about coming up with all of the content on your own – we’ve already pre-drafted it for you and incorporated it into all the pages on the website.

Plus, you can make your website have the look and feel that you personally want – images, color themes, fonts, you name it.
What about blogs?
Your New Law Business Model membership provides access to weekly blog content and we’ll post this for you every week. Or, you have the choice to be an “Editor,” where you are in full control over what blogs are posted, and when. Your website will be automatically delivered with a year or more of past NLBM blog posts, which will help with your SEO right away.

Plus, we can customize a sign-off to each blog post that helps you personalize each blog post, then we re-use that sign-off for every post moving forward. Most attorneys chose to be an “Approver” because it’s just one more administrative task off their to-do list.
What’s the investment?
The investment for the full website, with all copy, lead generation magnets and design included is $2,500 for the PFL version and the FBL version is $3,000. If you enroll in the Accelerator Website program at the same time as the build-out of your Accelerator Automated Systems (meaning they are purchased together at the same time), then the bundled amount saves you another $500.

You make two equal payments, the first on the date of enrollment and the second 30 days later.
Does that mean there is a monthly plan required with the website?
Yes, the “done for you” website service we are offering through Accelerator is a mix of an initial build and ongoing maintenance, plus licensing of the design and integrations that we provide to you.

Along these lines, there are a few reasons a monthly maintenance plan is required:

First, the website is designed specifically for the Accelerator team to assist you with maintaining and updating it over time, so you don’t have to worry about it – in particular with weekly blog posting and maintaining the integrations of your website with your automated system as you have new upcoming events and other changes (these are two HUGE benefits to take a load off of you!), along with server updates, theme updates, plugin updates, etc.

Second, we will be personally paying most of the costs of your website each month on your behalf – for example: your hosting, your Wordpress theme, your third-party plugins – hence the required monthly plan to cover the costs and the ongoing time required for maintenance.

Third, the buildout investment (which is discounted from what we'll ultimately be charging future lawyers who join the Accelerator program) is much lower than what you would typically pay for a one-off custom build of a website project at the same caliber as the website you’re receiving under this program, in light of the monthly maintenance and support plan.

All told, the Accelerator website is essentially a custom build made available to you along with a host of other Accelerator lawyers (making it economical to offer this at a lower-than-custom cost to you), and so you still have the custom level of design but at a much lower cost than if the website were a one-time project that you commissioned from scratch.

For PFL, the monthly maintenance and support plan is $400 per month; for FBLs, it is $600 per month. This is less than you would pay a virtual assistant to update your website with just blog posts each month, and you receive so very much more than that.
What else is included with the monthly maintenance plan?
We include and maintain all of the following for you as part of the maintenance plan:
You would easily pay a virtual assistant or team member $500/mo or more just to update the blog posts and events on your website, and that’s included in your monthly maintenance plus so much more.
Do I own the website?
The NLBM Accelerator Website is specifically designed to operate in conjunction with your Accelerator Automated Systems Program and New Law Business Model content.

Along these lines, the website is a proprietary design made available only to NLBM members who are enrolled in the Accelerator Automated Systems Program + the New Law Business Model Personal Family Lawyer® or Family Business Lawyer™ Programs.

We've put hours upon hours of collaborative work, plus hundreds of hours and $$ investment in trial and error along with training to learn what goes into an optimal website to come up with the best layout and website design and we’re making that available through the Accelerator for a fraction of what it would cost an individual lawyer to do on their own, so that you can focus on being the lawyer, not a website designer or copywriter.

All that to say, no you do not own the website. You do own your domain (the URL to your website), but in the event that you leave NLBM and the NLBM Accelerator, you will need to rebuild your website.
My domain name matches my law firm name. Do I continue to own my domain name or am I handing that over to Accelerator?
You ALWAYS own your domain name (the URL to your website) even if you’re utilizing the Accelerator website.

You’ll point your domain name to the Accelerator server so that when someone types in your domain name, they are taken to the website we’ve provided to you on the Accelerator server. If you choose to terminate the website agreement for any reason, you would point your domain to a different server where you’ve built your own separate website.

Note: Wix does not allow your domain to be forwarded, so you will need to change domain registrars. We can walk you through this, it’s not a big deal.

Please remember it is your responsibility to keep your domain current with payments. We are not responsible for renewing your domain or ensuring you continue to own your domain.
What about content, pictures, and design elements I provide for the website?
Anything that is uniquely yours on the website, such as photos and videos you provide, unique copy, unique visual design, etc. remains yours even if incorporated into the Accelerator website.

If you choose not to continue with the Accelerator website, these would be available for you to download or preserve before your website would be removed. You would be free to use the elements you own on any website you would choose to build elsewhere.
How do I know whether I’ll like the website?
Because your website is a reflection of your firm, and sometimes it’s the first impression that you make on a prospective client, it’s important that it is a reflection of you. In order to accomplish this, we create a “staging” website that is live, but isn’t something that your clients would find. We customize our template to fit your firm, which takes about 7 days. After the staging site is ready, we have a call where our developer shares his computer screen and you’ll discuss what you like and don’t. We call this the staging call. This is your opportunity to share your desires. Sometimes people request multiple changes to the home page, whereas some like it as it is. If you have a website that you love and you would like to emulate, please share that with the developer.

You will be emailed notes at the end of the staging call with a to-do list for both you and the developer to implement your desired changes. 

Once the requested changes are made, you will have the final sign-off before the website goes live.

Check out a few live Accelerator websites at the links below:

And if there is anything you’d like to be different, let us know and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate. 
What if I have practice areas beyond estate planning or business planning?
The NLBM Accelerator Website is built with a focus on the content provided to you through New Law Business Model – the menus, submenus, content, opt-ins, etc. are all intentionally placed on the website based on your practicing exclusively, or almost exclusively, in the areas of estate planning and/or business planning.

This said, we understand you may have other practice areas such as mediation, immigration, criminal law, and so on. If you desire to add additional practice area information to your website, we are happy to create the webpages on your website and populate the webpages with content provided by you (we do not provide this content for you). You would indicate any needed changes in your menu and submenus based on these additional pages (again, you provide clear instruction on the needed changes).

The design of the additional webpages would be consistent with the look and feel of the other webpages we’ve created for you – header image across the top, page title on the header image, section headers, and content. If you are interested in adding practice areas to your website, please contact us so we can look at the scope of the additions. In fact, an additional page may be free. Just get in touch with us so we can figure it out together.
Will I be able to pick the colors, fonts, background theme, arrangement of buttons, number of pages, menu bar tabs, etc.? If I want to add videos or a forum or anything else, can I?
Yes! We offer a number of personalization options for your website. This will be addressed in your staging call.

You'll notice that there are a handful of opportunities for you to change the images that appear on the site, and places where you can modify copy so you can express your vision in your own words. If you have images that you would like to use, we can do that too; they'll just need to fit into the required pixel and file size parameters.

Plus, if you know of a website that you love, let us know and we could try to emulate it.
Do you give me the HTML/CSS/Javascript after completion of the site?
No, the website source code, template and theme remains the property of NLBM Accelerator.
How is this website better than what I would pay a custom website builder to create for me?
The Accelerator website is better because you barely lift a finger during the buildout and then you’re hands-free for maintenance on an ongoing basis. And saving you time + trial and error earns you money. Plus, it’s ready far quicker than custom designers. And …

On top of that, we’ve already spent the hundreds of hours of collaborative work and the investment in trial and error plus training to learn what goes into an optimal website so that we can offer you the best layout and website design for an interactive website so your site is focused on generating leads and booking you appointments, without you having to make the same immense investment of time and money on your own.

If you paid a custom website builder to start from scratch, both you and they would have to invest that amount of time and $$, instead of standing on our shoulders, starting ahead of all that time and investment, and skipping all that time, heartache, and expense. We created a custom template from which we create your website. This saves a lot of time and development costs, and those savings are passed directly on to you. The PFL website would retail for $8,000 - $12,000 and the FBL website $12,000 - $18,000. Luckily, you’ll get that quality at a fraction of the cost.

Plus what makes up the cost of a website is not simply how the website looks on the surface but also what lies “under the hood.” We have incorporated a host of SEO attributes into the framework of the website, and the benefit to you of well-built SEO behind the scenes is that it helps your website get ranked higher in search engines.

Not all custom builds are the same and may (likely will) be missing the critical SEO components + lead generation interactivity you really want and need.
Are there any additional costs I need to be aware of?
No, unless you choose one of the optional add-ons. Separate from the buildout investment and the monthly maintenance plan, we are also working on putting together other packages including social media management, local link building, and local media buys. We’ll keep you posted on that, as they become available – TBD.
When will the website be ready?
We complete the website buildouts on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We create a staging website where you can see what it’s going to look like before the site goes live. It takes about 7 days to create the staging site, and then we have a call to get your approval to go live. Sometimes people want to make a lot of changes to their home page, while others request very minor changes. The more changes you request, the longer it will take your site to go live. If, however, you are satisfied with your website, we will make it live in a day or two
Can I get the Managed Website without the Automation Services?
Yes, you can get the Managed Website without the Automated Systems, but with some limitations. When users request Wear Clean Underwear, their email address will be emailed to you and you can then send them an email with the link to the ebook. If you use Mailchimp, we can connect the delivery of the ebook to the campaign you’ve created. (Note: We will not create, or maintain, your Mailchimp account.) As long as you’ve created your Kids Protection page created through NLBM, just send us that url and we can link to your page.

Online scheduling will not be available with the Managed Website only service since it relies on multiple features provided by the Automated Systems services. Instead, your users will be directed to call or email your office.

If you decide down the road to implement the Automated Systems, your website can be retrofitted to include the lead magnets and online scheduling features that are otherwise disabled.
How Do I Get Started?
How do I get started?
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