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Fully Automate Your Personal Family Lawyer® Systems for Generating Leads, Following Up, Booking Family Wealth Planning Sessions, Engaging Clients, Serving Your Clients and For Collecting Recurring Revenue and Serving Your Clients on Membership
(Creative Business Lawyer® edition coming soon) 
Plus, the following pre-built campaigns for lead generation + follow-up + client engagement + client service + membership:
Plus, support hosting virtual presentations, 
either live or automated:
Once your system is built out, we will help you maintain your system on a “mostly do it yourself”, “we do it with you”, or “we do it all for you” basis. Monthly packages, which include all of your software subscriptions (Infusionsoft + AppointmentCore + PlusThis + Zapier + Formstack), as well as future upgrades to and maintenance of your system, begin as low as $697/mo. This is far less than it would cost you to cobble together and maintain multiple systems.

If you are adding up the cost of other systems in your mind, such as Lexicata, Clio and Mailchimp and saying “hey, wait, I can have the three of those for far less than $697/mo”, then you are thinking about it wrong – yes, you may pay less than $697/mo for multiple systems, but what will it cost you in terms of your time to manually manage those systems?

And will those three systems be able to handle all of your lead generation + follow up, all of your presentation follow up, all of your client engagement systems, all of your raving fan client service systems + management of your ongoing recurring revenue? Nope.

And, will it all be done for you by a lawyer who has successfully implemented our Personal Family Lawyer programs? Nope.
Ideally, it will cost you nothing because it’s actually going to make you money. Yes, you will have to go out of pocket to get it set up, but you will cover the upfront investment with 1-2 new clients and you will cover your monthly package with 1 client a month or a quarter depending on which monthly package you choose. You will choose your monthly package on your Orientation Call with Bonnie.

You’ll have that call approximately 2 weeks after you’ve enrolled, at which point she will have your system fully set up and ready for you to dive in. Bonnie will hand over your Infusionsoft username and password and help you upload your existing contacts, and then you can tie Infusionsoft to your website so that all future website visitors are automatically served through your automated system. You and Bonnie will cover this together on your 1:1 Orientation Call.

To get started, you invest just $5,000 for the entire build-out, $2,500 of that paid upfront and the remaining amount 30 days later, and then your monthly package (beginning at $697/mo depending on which you choose) will begin 30 days after your first payment.

Here’s a visual of the timeline:
“Wait, a monthly software + service package is required?” Yes. Here’s what it does:

We cover all of your software costs in your monthly package so you don’t have to pay for those separately (which alone would cost you at least $348 a month). Also included are licensing of all of our proven automated campaigns pre-built and ready to go in your Infusionsoft app, the online version of the client homework form integrated with your Infusionsoft app (built exclusively for Accelerator lawyers), exclusive email copy only available to Accelerator lawyers and integrated into your app along with NLBM email copy already integrated and ready to go, all the other software integrations that we set up for you behind the scenes, the Accelerator support forum and ongoing support from the Accelerator team, enhanced marketing options, Bonnie’s training on “how to host high-converting webinars,” and so much more. During your Orientation Call you’ll pick out the monthly package that fits you best.

And, trust us, if you try to go it alone with Infusionsoft, it will cost you FAR MORE than this to get it built out and maintained with everything you need to really make it work for you, not just in terms of how long it will take you, but in terms of how many clients you’ll likely lose along the way while you’re figuring out how to make it actually work and keep it working.

Once you are using the system, you will be able to begin running advertisements to your lead generation pages, such as the Wear Clean Underwear book giveaway page (Laura Cowan uses this page and has as high as an 87% opt-in rate) and know that all of the follow-up with the leads you generate happens, automated.
In addition, every time you meet someone, whether that is from networking or through a referral or when someone hears you speak, you will know they will get followed up with, instead of lost in a black hole of your own inefficiency. 

You will easy send follow up campaigns and remain top of mind and get hired. 

Once someone inquires about your services, you know they will get properly tracked and followed up with. And you will know that everyone who books an appointment will come in for a Family Wealth Planning Session ready to engage your services, and then when they do, you will be communicating with them automatically (even if you’re on vacation or out sick), so they know they’re being taken care of and become raving fans.

And, when you are ready for your membership program, you are able to roll it out without a hitch, and keep your client members well served and easily paying you. 

Plus, if you are ready to host regular virtual presentations, you’ve got everything you need to do it lickety-split. 

Sound good? 
Perhaps this will have you feel even more confident about how good it will be. 
Automate your Marketing, Client Engagement, Client Service + Membership with the NLBM Accelerator.
Enrollment currently closed - check back soon for acceptance of new members
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