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NLBM All-In-One, Automated Practice Management System for Personal Family Lawyers and Family Business Lawyers: Our Technology Automates and Personalizes Your Marketing, Intake, Engagement, Client Service + Lifetime Retention Systems.
Hi! It’s Alexis Neely. And, as you likely know, I automated my law office systems way back in the day when automation technology was brand new, and since then it’s come a long way. 

After that, I created an automation application for lawyers (we called it

LISA), and many of the lawyers who have built multi-6 and 7-figure law practices with us since way back when are using it to this day.

But, if you know anything about me, you know I’m a perfectionist and the LISA application didn’t meet my standards for ease of implementation and ongoing tracking, so I stopped offering it until I could find the right partner to build an even better, easier to use system.

Since then, we saw the lawyers who were able to maintain the LISA system in their practices (due to their in-office support or their own tech skills) go on to build streamlined, automated systems to have lives and law practices they love. For example, Bill Kilpatrick earns multi-6 figures and works 3.5 days a week in his office, and David Feakes has a million dollar law practice, as does Vanessa Terzian.
When Personal Family Lawyer® Bonnie Bowles saw the power of personalized automation, she got so excited about it that she went and got trained to become an automation specialist, built on what she had learned through LISA, and made it even easier to use.
After checking out her system and her skills, I knew I had found the perfect partner to re-introduce an all-in-one, automated practice management system for our members.
When you enroll in the NLBM Accelerator All-In-One Automated Practice Management System, you get all the software and automation systems + done for you content you need, PLUS Bonnie and her team building your system out AND maintaining it for you.

What that means on the build-out side is as follows: 
Plus, the following pre-built campaigns for lead generation + follow-up + client engagement + client service + membership:
Plus, support hosting virtual presentations, 
either live or automated:
After build-out of your system, the ongoing support investment is just $1,197/mo, far less than it would cost you to cobble together and maintain multiple systems. (The software subscriptions alone would cost you $348 per month.)

If you are adding up the cost of other systems in your mind, such as Lexicata, Clio and Mailchimp and saying “hey, wait, I can have the three of those for far less than $1,197/mo”, then you are thinking about it wrong -- yes, you may pay less than that for multiple disjointed systems, but what will it cost you in terms of your time to manage those systems? And to build them out in the first place?

And will those three systems be able to handle all of your lead generation + follow up, all of your presentation prep and follow up, all of your client engagement systems, all of your raving fan client service systems + management of your ongoing recurring revenue? Nope.
And, will it all be done for you by a lawyer who has successfully implemented our Personal Family Lawyer® or Family Business Lawyer™ programs? Nope.
Ideally, it will cost you nothing because it’s actually going to make you money. Yes, you will have to go out of pocket to get it set up, but you will cover the upfront investment with 1-2 new clients and the monthly will pay for itself with less than 1 new client a month. 

Here's how it works: you decide whether you want Bonnie's team to build your Accelerator system only and then you plug it into your website OR if you want Bonnie's team to build your website + Accelerator and connect it all for you. Then, you pay one-half of the build investment. Bonnie's team builds your system and (assuming we are not on a waitlist) delivers your fully built system to you in 7 days, and 30 days after enrollment you pay the remaining half of your build investment. You don't begin paying for ongoing support and maintenance until your build-out investment is paid in full, 60 days later. But, you get full access to your system within a week. And, you'll have your kick-off call with Bonnie to review your system in full. 

To get started, you invest just $5,000 for the entire build-out of PFLor $7,500 for the entire build-out of the FBL, half of that paid upfront and then the other half paid a month later.

And, trust us, if you try to go it alone with personalized, automation systems, it will cost you FAR MORE than that to get it built out with everything you need to really make it work for you, not just in terms of how long it will take you, but in terms of how many clients you’ll likely lose along the way while you’re figuring out how to get it all to actually work together. I estimate that Bonnie and I have invested more than $50,000 each + hundreds of hours in figuring all of this technology out for you, which doesn’t even take into account the content creation and customization or the ongoing support systems you’ll have...

Plus, Bonnie and her team will work with you one-on-one during the initial phase so that you feel totally comfortable with your system.

Once you are using the system, you will be able to begin running advertisements to your lead generation pages, such as the Wear Clean Underwear book giveaway page (one of our Accelerator members uses this page and has a 87% opt-in rate) and know that all of the follow-up with the leads you generate happens, automated.
In addition, every time you meet someone, whether that is from networking or through a referral or when someone hears you speak, you will know they will get followed up with, instead of lost in a black hole of your own inefficiency. 

You will easy send follow up campaigns and remain top of mind and get hired. 

Once someone inquires about your services, you know they will get properly tracked and followed up with. And you will know that everyone who books an appointment will come in for a Family Wealth Planning Session or LIFT Your Life & Business Planning Session ready to engage your services, and then when they do, they will get communicated with, automatically, so they become raving fans.

And, when you are ready for your Family Wealth VIP Membership Program or your Creative Business Strategy Plans, you are able to roll them out without a hitch, and keep your recurring revenue clients happily well served and easily paying you.

Plus, if you are ready to host regular virtual presentations, you’ve got everything you need to do it lickety-split. 

And one more thing: if you want a “Done For You” website solution fully integrated with your system, this is available exclusively to those who enroll in the NLBM Accelerator system and select the website add-on. You might already have a website but don’t have time to maintain it, or you might want a better, more modern design. Now with the NLBM Accelerator “Done For You” Website Service, we provide an easy, optimized done-for-you website for lawyers who don’t want to hassle with creating or maintaining their own website, either DIY or by paying an outside vendor to create a custom build from scratch – and for those lawyers who want to know that their website is set up for maximum lead generation, presentation/event attending, appointment scheduling, and interactivity using all of the New Law Business Model resources. Questions about the done-for-you website option? Click Here.

Sound good? Perhaps this will have you feel even more confident about how good it will be. 
Rebecca Begelman Strub uses Accelerator to automate her “Work From Home Pro” model NLBM-style law practice and says:
“This is so exciting – I don’t think I have ever had this much activity/business before. And, as much as I have a million questions, I am so happy that there is this convergence of my jumping into the Accelerator and getting busier.”

Automate your Marketing, Client Engagement, Client Service + Membership with the NLBM Accelerator.
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