Join us on July 18th @12:30pm EST to learn...
How To Become THE Go-To Lawyer In Your Community With a Schedule and Income YOU Control By Serving Families and/or Small Business Owners

Let Us Do Your Marketing + Create Your Raving Fan 
Client Service Systems For You

On this call
you will discover
How being a Personal Family Lawyer, Family Business Lawyer or Creative Business Lawyer equates to you being loved by your clients who will value you what you do for them immensely and brag about your services to all of their friends, family, clients and colleagues.
How to educate your community using our done for you marketing materials plus automated, personalized follow up resources so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel we’ve already created and optimized;
How to leverage our proven resources that will keep your phone ringing with qualified prospects
How our raving fan client service systems get you off the cash flow roller coaster and into consistent, predictable, steady revenue you can count on, month in and month out
How we support you to manage your metrics, build your team, and get your website turned into a lead generating machine so you can spend time having the life you want, instead of trying to do it all yourself.
Which practice model is right for you: Work From Home Pro, Part-Time Law Baller, or 7-Figure Law Practice Empire Builder and how membership gets you there
Who you need to create the recurring revenue systems, which will allow you to focus on educating your community and counseling your clients while delegating everything else.
What it takes to dial-up or dial-down your income, as you choose, based on how much you want to work — your time, money and how you get paid will all be fully in your control.
YES, I want you to show How To Become The Go-To Lawyer In My Community With NO Selling, NO Stress, And A Schedule I Control!
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