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 A few things to consider.
 Specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all extraordinary lawyers impacting the lives of their clients. Some have had existing practices, others were just starting out. All of them have pushed through their own challenges to succeed. This is not easy and we’re here to support you.
These are all real clients. We hide their names to protect their privacy. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write. Our lawyers are extremely busy. Our team of trained Law Business Advisors is ready to address your questions and concerns without needing to take up the time away from our attorneys' life and law practice. We promise to protect your identity as well when you join our programs.
 These are actual results. Typically, lawyers who follow our systems, principles, and coaching experience increased average fees, higher engagement rates, and greater career fulfillment. Your results will (of course) vary based on your effort and application of these tools, so identical results or income cannot be guaranteed.
Family Business Lawyer
*"These resources are AMAZING!"
“Oh my goodness I FOUND it! These resources are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. In my humble opinion, my investment in this model is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what I am learning and receiving. Time and time again I am blown away by the learning and the resources. As a new practicing attorney, I have the solid foundation I need to be very successful :)” 
Personal Family Lawyer
*"My revenue doubled."
"In my first year working with New Law Business Model. My revenue doubled. My fees charged for each plan went from $1200/$1500 to $4000 and up! Prospective clients no longer tried to negotiate a lower fee – they know the value of the plan and are happy to pay it. I no longer have to track down fees. I was able to stop practicing in other areas of law and focus my energy only on the areas of practice that I love.
I have systems in place which make sure my clients are very well taken care of not only during the planning process, but well into the future. I spend considerably less time in the office. I am able to spend more time with my family. I receive thank you emails and cards from my happy clients"
Personal Family Lawyer
*"My practice is becoming something I’m really proud of..."
“Today I charged a client $5000 and she is delighted to pay it. I could have never done it without your methodology and coaching. My practice is becoming something I’m really proud of and I'm becoming the lawyer for my clients that I always wanted to be. Thank you! I’m having fun. Thank you! My staff are great and love the customer focus. Thank you!”
Personal Family Lawyer
*"...98% retention ... 3 months maternity leave .. down to three days a week ... nothing has stopped my practice from growing ... I attribute this to the NLBM systems."
Once implementing the New Law Business Model program, nothing has stopped my practice from growing and hitting 98% retention – not the recession, not taking 3 months maternity leave, or even deciding to cut my work down to three days a week!
After implementing the systems in my firm we saw an immediate uptick in leads and prospects, but especially in client engagements. 
My engagement rate increased significantly, while at the same time we increased the prices we were charging for our services. 
We continued implementing, plugging away, improving over the years and had a solid foundation in place.
I attribute this to the NLBM systems we have implemented, staff training, as well as the lessons I have received from Alexis’ coaching.
Personal Family Lawyer
*"...after 25 years of practice ... increased my fees 10000% engaged 7 out of 7 new prospects ... now we work with clients only 3 days a week ... I'm energized and love my business again."
“I ignored Alexis’ emails for months. Quite frankly, I was very skeptical about her claims. After 25 years practicing law, I thought she wouldn’t be able to teach me anything. 
I was wrong.
Within a few months of working with Alexis, I’ve increased my fees 1000% (that is not a typo—one thousand percent) and I recently engaged 7 out of 7 new prospects at $4,000 each. Because of you, we work with clients only 3 days a week and are able to enjoy life. I use your system every day and I am proof that it works.
The best part is I’m energized and love my business again. I sure wish I had opened her emails sooner.”
Personal Family Lawyer
*"...happy to get away from the stress and tension of, our phones are literally ringing off the hook ... on track for the biggest month in the history of my law firm."
I was more than happy to get away from the stress and tension of litigation. Using the New Law Business Model systems, my firm continues to grow and prosper, despite me being hands off for an extended period.
The details I learned from the NLBM program, I would have never thought of on my own or learned from a traditional estate planning practice. The systems we put in place from the program allowed me to not be present in my firm as much last year as I normally would, but we were able to stay on track even though I wasn’t there.  I jumped back in about two months ago, and today, our phones are literally ringing off the hook. We’re only halfway through January, and we are already on track for January to be the biggest month in the history of my law firm. It’s a great way to start the New Year, and I owe it all to New Law Business Model.
Personal Family Lawyer
*"Right now I am approaching the $300k mark for the year..."
“When I found the New Law Business Model, I was frustrated with my current law practice. I was toiling away as a government employee and was looking for a complete change. I was skeptical Alexis’ program would bring results but now I’m almost a year and a half in and it has exceeded my expectations by far. I am hitting numbers I didn’t think were possible… right now I am approaching the $300k mark for the year, which I shouldn’t even be hitting for another 4 months according to my year plan.”
Family Business Lawyer
*"...ended up earning back my initial investment within a week."
“I researched the New Law Business Model for more than a year before eventually pulling the trigger on my investment, and was it ever worth the money.
Within two days of my purchase, I engaged my first client at $4,000. Six days later, I landed another client at $2,000, earning back my initial investment within a week.
I took estate planning in law school, and spent six years in business development with one of the largest and most recognized law firms in the world, prior to starting my practice. The techniques and knowledge imparted by Alexis have both beat, hands down.
  I am truly happy that I made this purchase, and I am seeing my firm turn from a daily and stressful grind to one that I am beginning to enjoy. There are initial challenges, but revisiting the programs, which I was granted lifetime access to, is a huge help.
  I would definitely recommend this to any attorney who wants a better way of practicing and a less stressful life!”

Family Business Lawyer
*" the first 2 weeks I had my first $4,000 trust signed."
“I graduated law school in 2011 as a brand-new mom. Everything I had learned in law school was completely worthless because I didn’t know how to run a business… I had no clue how to charge money and market myself. When I found Alexis, I went all in on her programs, and in the first 2 weeks, I had my first $4,000 trust signed. Right now as I speak I’m sitting on my beautiful back porch staring at my gorgeous pool and it’s 3:30 on a Thursday. I’m not even in the office now. My client service director is running the show.”
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