"I'm amazed at how well it works!" - Attorney, Kyra Howell
The New Law Business Model That Gives You Back Your Life PLUS a 
Law Practice That Makes a Real Difference in the Lives of Your Clients AND Earns You a Great Living
Control Your Schedule, Be Loved By Your Clients, 
Experience $10,000+ Days, & Finally Enjoy Practicing Law Again
Alexis Katz has been a regular legal commentator for CNBC, FOX, CNN and has been featured on
national broadcasts such as Good Morning America, Today Show and Oprah's Radio Network
YES... You Can Love Being A Lawyer And Practicing Law, Again!
(Just like these Attorneys now do...)
"I’ve increased my fees 1000%!
(that is not a typo...)"
Robert Galliano, Temecula, CA
"This month I have engaged two clients for $8,000 of legal services each."
Rebecca M. Prien, Counsel to Creativity LLC
"I mean, how many lawyers are
actually having this much fun!"
Michael DellaMonaca, Fitchburg, MA
"TRIPLED the amount of revenue I normally would have made."
Gerald Kane, Encino, CA
"...Allowed me to DOUBLE my fees
over night"
Tracy Ingle, Boston, MA
"My engagement rate for the past 
7 months has been 100%."
Nicole Newman
"DOUBLED the number of clients that have been coming into my office."
David Feakes, Acton, MA
"We engaged 98% of all prospects
who came into the office..."
Darlynn Morgan, Newport Beach, CA
"Today I charged a client $5000 and she is delighted to pay it."
Yeti Agnew
"I’m looking at adding another 
$5,000-$10,000 to my bottom line"
Karen Donaldson, Cary, NC
"I now have a huge law practice, a 3 day work week & have time for my kids!" 
Attorney (paraphrased testimonial)
Laura Meier, Newport Beach, CA
"Only 7 months later I’ve increased the revenue of my business by over $65,000"
Amy Mendoza, Phoenix, AZ
If You're Ready To Love Being A Lawyer Again...
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