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Love to Get Your Phone Ringing Consistently?
If You’re Like Most Lawyers Without an Effective “Hook,” You Seem Just Like Every Other Lawyer In Your Community – Bland and Boring at best. With the Right “Hook” or Message, Prospects Will Be Clamoring For Your Legal Services. Yes, Really.  

Now, Craft Your Marketing Hook Live with Alexis & Fill Your Practice With a Steady Stream of New Business
 Alexis Neely, Million Dollar Practice Builder 
 During this one-time workshop, you will:
  • Discover how not having a “hook” is hurting your law business, WHAT a hook is and how you can use a hook throughout all of your marketing materials to boost new business into your firm. 
  • Craft the exact marketing hook you will use from here on out to market your law practice into a law business you love.
  • Complete the workshop with your specific marketing hook written & ready to use in your marketing and in your client engagement processes.
  • Know exactly HOW to use your marketing hook to set you apart from the rest of the lawyers in your community & get your phone ringing.

Now, Craft Your Marketing Hook Live with Alexis & Fill Your Practice With a Steady Stream of New Business for only $197 $147 (Use Coupon Code CYH50OFF)

 Attend the workshop (live or by listening to the recording), do the steps as directed by Alexis, ask for help if you need it and if you do not complete the workshop with your unique marketing hook written, Alexis will work with you personally to craft your hook. 
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