Yes! I Want $10,000+ Days* and More, Doing Meaningful Work for Families & Business Owners I Love (Who Love Me Back) 
All While Controlling My Own Schedule

Amie Mendoza went from a struggling door lawyer, making $40,000 a year – to working with clients she absolutely loves earning mid-6 figures and taking Friday's off, just by focusing on making the right changes, in the right order. And she quadrupled her business in the process, while working fewer days a week in the office and absolutely loving her clients.

There is no better practice area than estate planning (we call it legal life planning). When you practice estate planning the way we teach it in this multi-media, all-online bootcamp, you will feel totally fulfilled by the work you do for your clients, make a big, positive impact in their lives, and make a great income while you do it.

The good news is you can learn the foundations of doing this work and, represent 90% of the population, PLUS add at least $3k- $5k per month to your bottom line* without getting an LLM, going back to school, or investing years of your life learning a new practice area.
To get started, you simply need to know the basics. And, you need to learn them in a way that allows you to convey tremendous value to people in your community and clients who already need this work and will want you to take care of it for them, once they understand what you do and how you do it.

And, here’s what’s really important… you need to know how to do estate planning in a new way. Because, I’ll be honest with you, if you try to do estate planning the traditional way it’s taught in law school or in your local CLE course, you are not going to love your law practice.

You’ll probably hate it. You’ll know you aren’t making a real difference in your clients’ lives, but just churning out form documents quite similar to what your clients could do for themselves online.

You’ll secretly question the value of what you are providing. You’ll feel uncomfortable commanding the fees that are necessary to have a truly thriving practice. You’ll never feel totally confident that what you are providing is worth it.

Maybe you are already doing some Wills & Trusts and you feel this way right now.
This Estate Planning Bootcamp is for you if:
  • You want to add a lucrative practice to an already successful practice serving families or small business owners, such as bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, business planning, intellectual property or personal injury (your existing clients need and want this, especially the way we’ll teach you to do it);
  • You are just starting a practice right out of law school and you want to get up and running as quickly as possible, seeing clients, helping them and getting paid (Martha was seeing clients just a few days out of law school and having $10,000 days* just two years out – you can too);
  • You want to transition out of a practice area that makes you regret you ever went to law school in the first place, that simply doesn’t feel good, and has you working far too hard for far too little (estate planning the New Law Business Model way not only feels great, it’ll give you total calendar control);
  • You are currently providing Wills & Trusts to your clients, but it’s not fulfilling, isn’t making you enough money, doesn’t give you control over your calendar and isn’t fun.
If you are in any of these categories, we can and will help you love being a lawyer again.
How Will You Help Me?
Amie Mendoza graduated from law school eager to open her own practice. But 9 months later, she found herself "failing out of control," without knowing how she was going to make her law practice succeed.

Then, she came across the new law business model and got the guidance she needed to build the practice of her dreams. She was able to double her fees, bring clients in with confidence and ease, feel secure in the value of her services, and eliminate the cases that were making her life miserable.

With the support of Alexis Neely, million dollar practice builder & best selling author of the #1 book on legal planning for parents plus the Estate Planning Bootcamp, Amie generated over $65,000 in extra revenue in her first 7 months. She now has the freedom to enjoy a new home, and is on track to bring in $350,000 in new revenue this year, a radically fulfilling practice, and plenty of time with her family, including Fridays off.
No travel necessary, we are delivering this course completely virtually via a multi-media online learning experience, so you can watch, listen, learn and apply what you need to know from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.
Ready To Really Love Your Law Practice?!?
  • This 8-Module CLE Course is delivered entirely online so you can learn from the convenience of your own home or office — no travel, no hotels, no expensive meals out — just ease, convenience and a great return on your investment.
  • Within just 8 weeks, you can have the basics you need to begin working with clients in this lucrative area of legal life planning, while setting yourself apart from all the other lawyers providing dry, documents or only Wills & Trusts.
  • Via this multi-media course, you will learn via online video, a private members-only forum, live coaching calls and detailed written outlines so you can take in the information and guidance through a multitude of channels specifically designed for your rapid progress.
  • Be the lawyer you went to law school to be, guide your clients to make informed, empowered, smart decisions for their families and loved ones, pass on their values, insights, stories and experience (and their money) to the next generation and know you are making a difference in their lives.
Each of the 8 Modules is specifically designed to layer in the fundamental concepts of Estate Planning to set the stage for you to become confident in helping your prospects and clients make meaningful decisions for their families.
  • The Basics (Module 1) you will begin to understand the myriad of reasons families need your guidance, beyond the obvious ones most attorneys observe. You will become comfortable with the notion of yourself as counselor and advisor and be able to help clients understand the main choices they have in planning for the well-being and care of their families.
  • How to Choose the People You’ll Love to Serve (Module 2), you will take a deeper look at the areas planning can and will address, including emergency planning for children, asset protection, healthcare planning for parents, estate and gift tax avoidance, and business succession planning. You will learn to spot issues in various family situations as well as make internal choices about where to focus your energy and attention as you go forward in building your practice.
  • Counseling Basics (Module 3), you will learn to communicate with clients in a way that is meaningful and easily understood by the families you are working with. You will learn to bond with clients from the initial call, through engagement through to the final meeting, so you can turn them into raving fans who refer all their friends and family. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of techniques and strategies to help clients make good decisions and providing extraordinary service.
  • Designing a Plan (Module 4), you will see how a plan is designed for a typical family while giving the attorney an opportunity to educate and inform as they go. You will gain the skills necessary to become a counselor–not just a document drafter.
  • How to Draft Well-Counseled Plans (Module 5), you will discover how documents are drafted–from rudimentary techniques to the most sophisticated of drafting technologies. You will also be introduced to the many different documents a complete estate plan requires. PLUS, we have made special arrangements with the top 3 drafting services to give our Estate Planning Bootcamp members a big discount or a no-risk trial on their services so you can pick the best platform for you.
  • What’s In a Gorgeous Plan, Your Clients Will Love (Module 6), you will see exactly how to deliver a completed estate plan in a way that provides a true experience to your clients rather than just a set of documents. You will also receive a complete set of sample estate planning documents in a comprehensive plan for review.
  • Planning Options for Married People Simplified (Module 7), In this module, we walk you through the complexities and options for marital deduction planning now that the estate tax exemption is so darn high. How best to plan for changes that may come in the future, how best to discuss planning options with your clients and how best to counsel with confidence..
  • Financial Basics (Module 8) mentor Alexis Neely details what it takes to get an estate planning practice off the ground financially. You will also be guided to discern how that can be funded and how your firm can successfully provide for you and your families.
Within 60 Days You Could Be Adding A MINIMUM Of $3K – $5K To Your Bottom Line* With Just One Additional Client Every Month, While Serving People You Already Know, Who NEED You To Offer This Truly Sacred & Meaningful Work
Here’s Our Guarantee to You — 
We are absolutely, 100% committed to your success
Attend the entire course, do the worksheets, ask your questions online or on the coaching calls and if at the end you do not feel fully prepared to counsel clients with legal life planning, simply contact us, and we will help you until you are doing it OR give you all your money back.

If it turns out this course was too rudimentary to serve you, we will gladly place you in a more appropriate course based on your specific needs – which we’ll determine with you by phone.
"I wish I had signed up and done it right away, when I first came across it."
“I’m looking at adding another $5,000-$10,000 to my bottom line*, just in the immediate short-term. Once I got through all of the training, I had the confidence to move forward. I have multiple estate planning clients lined up and know, from start to finish, how to move forward. I’ve actually already started engaging clients and I have 4 or 5 clients right now that I’m helping with their estate plans. 

“Honestly, I kept thinking [the EPBC] was going to be another thing where I’m spending money and I’m going to be back in the same place where I was before — so I hesitated doing it. Now, I wish I had signed up and done it right away, when I first came across it.”

- Karen Donaldson, Cary, NC
Plus, Receive Three Bonuses Worth Over $11,500
When You Enroll Today…
  • BONUS #1
90 Days of New Law Business Model Coaching with Million Dollar Practice Builder, Alexis Neely and Million Dollar Law Practice Owner, Nicole Newman
There’s no better lawyer to learn from about how to build a law business you love than from Alexis Neely. Since 2003, she has built three of her own million dollar businesses (including her law firm), as well as a couple 6-figure ones. In addition, she has helped hundreds of lawyers just like you build thriving, make-a-difference practices that range from $250,000 to over a million dollars in revenue annually.

We are gifting you 90 Days of New Law Business Model coaching with Alexis so you can receive her priceless direct guidance and support on building your law practice into a business you truly love along with the along with additional valuable implementation and other coaching from her team.You will be amazed at how quickly Alexis and other New Law Business Mentors “gets” you, helps you clarify your vision and goals, and then gives you the clear next steps and resources to step into the life and business you really want. We will also give you access to our library of previous coaching calls so you can listen to ones you've missed or ones you've watched as a refresher.

Alexis receives $5,000 per month for private coaching, when it’s available. Her group coaching programs begin at $1,500/mo. We’re gifting you 90 Days of support directly from Alexis.
Valued at $3,591

Plus, you'll receive twice per month group coaching with Million Dollar Law Practice Owner, Nicole Newman. Nicole started her law practice from scratch with New Law Business Model in 2008 and quickly built her practice into a million dollar business. She'll guide you twice per month, and in the 24/7 private member's forum, to answer all the questions you'll have as you get your law practice going and serving clients you love to serve.
  • BONUS #2
24/7 Private Member’s Only Forum With Other Lawyers Implementing the Estate Planning Bootcamp
Sometimes, you just need another lawyer to talk to, bounce ideas off of, and ask those questions that just cannot wait. If you had a partner down the hall, you’d walk down and have a conversation. But, as a solo law practice lawyer, that’s not likely available to you. And, even if it is, that other lawyer probably hasn’t built the kind of practice you really want.

Our private member’s forum supports you between coaching calls with the Law Business Mentors. It’s available 24/7 for you to seek guidance, reach out for support, celebrate your wins, and ask the questions no one else you know would have the answers to when it comes to building a law business that truly supports you and your clients. (Alexis currently pays $97/mo to three different organizations just for access to a private Facebook group where she gets support to build her business.) That’s $291/mo. for 90 Days that we’re gifting to you. Valued at $873
  • BONUS #3
Money For Your Business -- Find the Capital You Need to Grow Your Law Practice
Includes ready to go Business Plan and Financials in downloadable, editable format. Direct access to my go-to guys for unsecured lines of business and corporate credit. Brief on When (and How) To Use Your 401K To Finance Your Law Firm. Valued at $997
  • BONUS #4
Comprehensive Kids Protection Plan® Training
Learn to plan for the families of young children the right way. Most lawyers are leaving big holes in the plans they create for parents with young children. You’ll learn how to help your clients choose the right guardians for their kids and fully document their choices, setting you apart from the rest of the lawyers in your community. Valued at $500, but worth hundreds of thousands over the life of your practice.
  • BONUS #5
Getting Your First 5 Clients – Training Program
The biggest challenge graduates of our Estate Planning Bootcamp face is how to get started engaging clients. We’ve answered that fear with a brand new training that will show you all the low and no-cost ways you can start engaging clients as soon as you complete the bootcamp, and even begin building a steady stream of hot prospects.

By following the step-by-step instructions in this training, you’ll learn techniques that you can apply the same day to start bringing in revenue and realizing a return on your investment in this program*. Valued at $297.  Not sold separately.
Full and partial scholarships to attend New Law Business Model’s Continuing Legal Education program are available to persons with demonstrated financial hardship. To apply, applicants must submit a request, on letterhead if possible, stating the reason for their interest, proof of income or an explanation of their financial hardship, and a completed course registration form. Scholarships will be awarded on a space-available basis, with preference given to applicants in order of date submitted.

Additional information about New Law Business Model’s financial hardship policy and an application form are available by emailing
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*These are actual results. Typically, lawyers who follow our systems, principles, and coaching experience increased average fees, higher engagement rates, and greater career fulfillment. Your results will (of course) vary based on your effort and application of these tools, so identical results or income cannot be guaranteed. Our programs ARE covered under the terms of our No Fail Guarantee at

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