Discover the New Law Business Model That Allowed Us to Build 6- & 7-Figure Law Practices While Serving Families and Business Owners as Trusted Legal Counsel...
Working Just 3 Days a Week + Remotely

PRESENTED BY ALI KATZ, Founder of New Law Business Model

Ali has helped train more than 2,600 lawyers and counting.

What you will take away from this training:
  • What the Legal Life Planning Model is, how it is so different from what you learned in law school, and why it works – for you and your clients – no matter what’s going on with the economy. 
  • How to reliably get hired by clients in a strictly “non-salesy” way as their trusted advisor – never negotiate your fees again!
  • Why it works so quickly to add a steady and consistent $10,000 to $30,000+ per month to your law practice bottom any economy.
  • Examples of lawyers who have successfully applied our methods to be able to build 6- and 7-figure firms through the 2008 recession and who are having their best months ever, now. 
  • How you can put the whole thing to work in less than 90 days, absolutely risk-free.
“I just began [serving clients virtually], and my first virtually served client hired me for $5,000."
"I was an employment lawyer - I had become disillusioned and disappointed with practicing law after seeing so many "wrongs" about the legal system. NLBM maximizes everything that is good about practicing law. It restores my belief that this is an important profession that provides resources to people who really need what we do. I now feel like I get to use valuable skills with the certainty that I am helping people every single day. Beyond practicing law, the coaches and mentors have given me new and much improved perspective about why and how to balance practicing law and enjoying time not practicing law. More specifically, I have learned that I am a much better lawyer when I spend more time enriching my life through ways other than being a lawyer. I just began [serving clients virtually], and my first potential ‘virtually served’ client hired me for $5,000." 

- Greg Gordillo 
“I feel confident and excited about what the future holds, which wouldn’t have been possible without NLBM.”
“I started my career as a Deputy District Attorney, and spent the last six years at a mid sized personal injury law firm. I was burned out, and thinking of leaving the law completely to become a life coach. I actually discovered NLBM when I searched ‘leaving the legal field’… Now, I love my law practice. I feel like I am a happier person and closer with my loved ones. My clients are wonderful to work with and super grateful. I feel like I am making a difference, and have better work-life balance. I feel a lot less stressed since I am phasing out my litigation practice, and I am on track to double my (former) salary this year. In these uncertain times, I am really grateful to have the NLBM business model and community. I am preparing for the birth of our first child, and I am the primary breadwinner. I feel confident and excited about what the future holds, which wouldn’t have been possible without NLBM.”

- Pam Maass 
I ignored NLBM emails for months.
“Quite frankly, I was very skeptical about their claims that it was possible to do something meaningful and lucrative with my law degree, AND have a flexible schedule. After 25 years practicing law, I thought they wouldn’t be able to teach me anything. I was wrong. Within a few months of working with NLBM, I’ve increased my fees 1000% (that is not a typo—one thousand percent) and I recently engaged 7 out of 7 new prospects at $4,000 each. The best part is I’m energized and love my business again. I sure wish I had opened the NLBM emails sooner.”

- Robert Galliano (Robert sold his law practice for 7-figures after learning from us)
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