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Take Your Law Practice Virtual and Create Real Value for Your Community Now in the wake of COVID-19 - and Beyond
We’ve created guides to show you exactly how you can step up into a leadership role as a lawyer in your community, now. And, how you can immediately serve your clients with legal planning for families and small business owners, virtually, with a service they want and need, right now.
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TOP 3 THINGS You’ll Learn From the Guides
Take your practice virtual, making it easy for clients to access your services and create a sustainable income in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
Use social media to begin establishing yourself as an expert and leader in your community, without coming across as opportunistic

Develop a genuine personal connection while serving virtually and charge the same fees as if you are serving in person

Message from Alexis Katz

Dear lawyers,

Your community is facing its mortality and the risk of getting seriously sick, now more than ever. Do you feel you are prepared to meet your community right now, as a leader? If not, we can help. And do a lot for you.
You have a unique opportunity to be in true service and to create value for your community in this time of crisis. Now, more than ever, families and small business owners need a trusted advisor to guide them to do the right thing for their loved ones and their assets, so they can have real peace of mind, during this time, and beyond.

We are all in this together, and we need people — like you — who can serve, provide critical guidance, earn money, and help keep the economy moving.

It’s time to establish yourself as an expert in your community, and as a leader who is ready to serve. And it’s time to do it virtually.
You’ve got everything you need to serve, greatly. We are here to support you 100%. With so much care for you and your loved ones 
-- Ali + the New Law Business Model Team
What Our NLBM Members Are Saying Right Now...

Pam M. Personal Family Lawyer

“In these uncertain times, I am really grateful to have the NLBM business model and community. I am preparing for the birth of our first child, and I am the primary breadwinner. I feel confident and excited about what the future holds, which wouldn't have been possible without NLBM.” 
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