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Attract High Value Prospects Engage 97.5% of The People You Talk To & Get Paid What You Deserve With A Proven Client Engagement System
Substantially Increase Your Revenue Without Any Additional Overhead By Engaging Clients You Are Losing Right Now
Real Success Stories...
  -Gerald Kane
Encino, CA

“Even though I haven’t implemented but 10% of your ideas and system, on one Saturday I had 3 appointments I closed all 3 and tripled the amount of revenue I normally would have made.* Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and the system and I can’t wait to implement all of your system.”

  -Rebecca M. Prien, Esq.
Counsel to Creativity LLC

“Little has had as great an impact on the growth of my practice as the Client Engagement System. The investment was a lot for my new practice (honestly, I didn’t know where the money was coming from), but so worth it. Within the first month of participating in the Client Engagement System, a single client paid me three times my investment. This month I have engaged two clients for $8,000 of legal services each. And those are only two of the shifts that the System provides attorneys. Still, the most significant thing for me is that engaging clients feels like a valuable conversation and not at all like “selling” them on me anymore.”

Melissa O’Dea and Maria Woodman
O’Dea Woodman, P.C

“As a new firm, we were worried about the business side of practice.
After implementing parts of the Client Engagement System (with lots more to implement) we are engaging about 90% of the time.* We can’t thank you enough for helping us ensure that our transition into private practice has been successful and rewarding!”

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