Yes! I’m Ready to Transform My Law Practice and Life, Generate Recurring Monthly Income, and Focus On a Few Clients I Love to Serve!
By becoming a highly in-demand outsource general counsel for business clients,  utilizing the Business Practice Bootcamp
Transform your law practice, break free of hourly billing and enjoy the consistency of stable, monthly income* providing ongoing legal counsel for business clients who love having a great lawyer they can trust in their back pocket, without worrying about hourly fees or surprise invoices.
Here’s why you need to enroll now:
This Bootcamp Was Designed With You In Mind!
If you’re already serving clients by doing one-off law transactions, you will dial in your practice to the outsourced general counsel recurring revenue model with automation, scripts, engagement tools, deal-making, and other processes, checklists, and techniques to make this well worth the investment for you. This will change everything, make your clients so much happier and have you loving your law practice again.
For lawyers who want to add or enter the business law niche, this training will give you the essential foundation you need to begin engaging and serving clients at recurring monthly rates from $750 per month to as much as $3000 per month… or more.*
The Business Practice Bootcamp Includes:
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Law Business Mentor Denise Gosnell

    Once per month you’ll join Denise for a group call for mentoring, coaching, training, plus answers to questions with others who are going through the same practice transformation. Get help with setting up your practice or the work you’re doing with your initial clients. You get a total of 90 days of super-valuable coaching at no additional cost.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Alexis Neely

    Once per month, you’ll join Alexis for a group call for mentoring, coaching, training, plus answers to questions with others who are going through the same practice transformation. Get help with setting up your practice or the work you’re doing with your initial clients. 

    Alexis’ focus is on supporting you to attract, engage and serve clients using the New Law Business Model. You get a total of 90 days of profit-enhancing coaching as part of your enrollment.
  • Members Only Private Forum for Immediate Support Between Calls

    Between calls you’ll have access to a special forum where you can post questions and get feedback from Denise, Alexis and other members (for instance, on your recurring plan offerings), so you’ll get lots of support and lots of ideas to grow your practice on the recurring revenue model.
  • Step-By-Step Support to Uplevel from One-Off Business Transactions Into Becoming the Trusted Advisor Your Business Clients Look To for Continued Support and Guidance As a Key Member of Their Business Growth Team

    Step 1: Immediately Be Seen As a Trusted Advisor Instead of a One-Off Documents Provider ...

    We'll tell you exactly how to handle your phones, and to begin speaking to your existing clients to transition them (and yourself) from seeing yourself as a document drafter, transaction-provider into a Trusted Advisor.

    From the very first moment that someone contacts your office, you must be able to meet them where they are, taking care of their immediately presenting issue, while at the same time re-educating them to understand how you can provide additional value and help them to grow their business, by bringing you on as the outsource counsel that helps them to get paid faster, close deals more effectively, and minimize risk going forward.

    Step 2: Take Control of Your Calendar ... 

    How you handle and structure your calendar is the key to a life and law practice you love. Without it, you are working way too much, far too hard, and you are likely giving away many of your most valuable legal services for free.

    We'll teach you how to structure your time, using our calendaring system, so that you become highly productive with plenty of time to serve your clients and have a great life.

    Step 3: Get Your Personal Business Structures Aligned ...

    Most lawyers, even those counseling business owners, do not have their own business structures set up for success. So we'll first guide you to identify the right business model for your law practice, using our Money Map to Freedom system to align your life and income. Then, you'll use our LIFT Foundation System to get your Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax (LIFT) Systems in order, so you are able to show your clients that you've done for yourself what you will be doing for them.

    Being a trusted advisor to your clients begins with you having your business model and legal, insurance, financial and tax systems in order.

    Step 4: Create Your Packages ...

    The key to becoming a trusted advisor to your clients is offering them recurring-revenue packages that allow you to guide your clients as outsource counsel, without waiting for them to come to you, only when there is a problem.

    Instead, you'll structure packages that meet your clients where they are, and provide them with regular strategic advisory meetings with you either once a week, once a month or quarterly so that you become a valuable member of their business team.

    Step 5: Start Engaging Clients ...

    Once you've got your own business systems in place, and packages to serve your clients in a new way, it's time to start engaging clients in a new way.

    We'll guide you to do this by mining your community and existing client base to learn a new way of getting hired for a far more valuable service than you are offering right now.

    You'll receive our "Getting Your First 5 Clients Training" to support you in bringing on your initial recurring revenue/trusted advisor clients + we'll provide foundational scripts so that you can shift from one-off transactions into recurring revenue services you and your clients will absolutely love.

    Step 6: Build Your Automated Marketing Systems To Generate New Leads and Convert Those Leads Into Happy Paying Clients ...

    Once you know you can engage clients at average fees from $750-$3000 per month, you'll want to start filling your pipeline with leads and prospects who will hire you when they are ready for trusted business counsel.

    We'll guide you on our system for educating your community in a new way, building a huge asset for your law practice in the form of a highly targeted email list of business owners who want to hear from you on a consistent basis, and then creating a Consistent Communication Campaign so that you stay top of mind with the people you want to serve.

    Your email list will become the most valuable asset of your law practice, when it's used right. And we will show you how to set up your email list and use it to provide valuable content to the people you are best able to serve.

    Step 7: Shore Up Your Legal Knowledge Anywhere That You Need Additional Support With Business Practice Bootcamp Modules With Our 10-Module CLE-Qualified Online Training to Guide You From One-Off Transactions to Trusted Advisor ...

    Most business lawyers have become expert in one area of business advice, such as copyrights, or trademarks, or employment matters, or entity incorporation, but you are not yet a holistic advisor able to spot issues and guide your clients on all of the matters that impact their business growth.

    Our 10-module CLE-qualified training will give you the confidence you need to walk your clients through growing their business from where it is now to where they want to go next. We'll train you in detail on:
  •     The Outsourced General Counsel Model 

    Learn how to package and price the services your clients most need and that you love to provide, set up recurring plans that automatically deposit money in your bank account each month, and receive our actual sales script so you can start engaging clients as soon as you’re ready.

    Handouts: Sample outsourced general counsel plan, sample IP counsel plan, and empty plan template to help you create your first recurring plans.
  •     Using Automation To Streamline Your Law Practice and Serve Clients

    Efficiently automate contract renewal dates to stay on top of contract renewals, automate routine document creation or outsource where appropriate, docket annual meeting minute deadlines and corporate renewals for clients so you can help them maintain their limited liability shield, and show your recurring value.
  •     Helping Clients Negotiate Solid (yet plain English) Contracts

    Master deal making strategies that make you indispensable counsel – know when to use term sheets/letters of intent, quickly review contracts for key terms, spot glaring problems and fix bad deals, use automation tools to help clients get paid faster, and streamline contract generation process even further.
  •     Corporate Formation & Maintenance

    Get our 10-step process for how to handle corporate formation the right way, understand the different types of entities so you will know how to advise clients on which type of entity to choose, including which will have greater tax benefits and how to support periodic maintenance to ensure they don’t risk “piercing the corporate veil.”

    Handout: Checklist on formation steps
  •     Trademark Registrations

    Learn trademark basics, how to explain trademark importance to your clients, how and why to file a federal trademark registration – so they can increase the book value of their company and protect their most important brand names.
  •     Copyright Registrations

    Learn copyright basics, how to explain copyright importance to clients, and how and why to file a federal copyright registration — so they have the strongest position if the contents of their most important products are ever copied by others.
  •     Advertising Compliance

    Ensure your clients meet compliance with FTC advertising regulations for CAN-SPAM, voice broadcasting, automated text messages, clear/conspicuous requirements, strategic social media disclaimers, how to structure contests/sweepstakes or engage another company for registration and bonding.
  •     Online Website Terms

    Design the proper online privacy policies and terms of use for your clients’ web sites, understand when FTC required earnings disclaimers and health/medical disclaimers are required to protect your clients, learn to design affiliate program terms so your client can pay other affiliates to promote their products or services.

    Handout: Checklist to have in web site terms and privacy policy.
  •     Employment & Contractor Agreements

    Produce employment and contractor agreements with key provisions (like IP ownership and no piracy or non-competes, and image/media licensing processes) – you’ll understand how critical the proper IP clauses are and get the exact clauses to use so your clients keep ownership of the work product they are paying others to create.

    Handouts: Checklist for Employment Agreements and checklist for Contractor Agreements.
  •     Handling Infringements

    When infringements happen, you’ll have Cease & Desist letters at the ready, and know how to use them to get copies of your client’s works removed from online sites and how to get others to stop using your client’s brand names without permission.
Receive all this, and more…
The investment for this total practice transformation
will never be more affordable.
Additional Bonuses Directly From Alexis…
Retail Over $6,000 (Could Be Worth Hundreds of Thousands or Millions to You)

Supporting business owners in the highest and best way possible must begin with you supporting your own entrepreneurial law practice with a foundation you likely do not have yourself.

So, Alexis is personally contributing over $1500 $6000 of additional training bonuses to make sure you have essential tools and systems you need to succeed. NOTE: We just updated the bonuses, so you get even more! But act quickly, this combination of bonuses and early-adopter pricing are limited, and will change without notice.

  • 90-Days of New Law Business Model Coaching to Support Your Transformation

    You'll have immediate access to our private member's only forum, so you can have questions answered 24/7 from our Law Business Mentors, Denise Gosnell and Alexis Neely, plus all of our Creative Business Lawyer, Family Business Lawyer and New Law Business Model coaching members who are also transforming their law practices.

    You'll also have 3 monthly coaching calls with Denise Gosnell and Alexis Neely, to give you the support you need to transform from offering one-off transactions to business owners in your community to become the Trusted Advisor they can count on. Plus, you'll have access to our monthly Stress Free Lawyer coaching call with Jennifer Peck, our Law Business Success Coach and a licensed therapist, to support you in shifting from stressed out to an easeful life and law practice.

    I addition to all that, you'll have our monthly Money Map To Freedom coaching call with Amie Mendoza, our Law Business Mentor and Family Business Lawyer, to support you in learning how to earn money with ease, flow and joy, and do it while working a reasonable schedule and doing meaningful work in the world

    You'll also receive monthly accountability from your Law Business Advisor, who will hold you accountable to the goals and objectives you create for yourself at the beginning of the program ... because you know that with any program you invest in, you get as much out of it as you put in. So we are here to ensure you keep the promises you make, to yourself.

  • Money Map to Freedom 

    Alexis’ highly acclaimed program that will guide you to the ideal business model for your own law business. Take back your time, stop billing hourly, create packages for your services, and get the right team support. Create a Strategic Vision Plan that allows you to achieve a life and law practice you love with the Money Map to Freedom.  (Regular Investment: $2000)
  • LIFT Foundation System 

    Most business lawyers haven’t had the entrepreneurial training necessary to truly understand the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems necessary to build a solid business foundation. LIFT takes you through it in depth so you can get your own law business right aligned and then help your clients to do the same.
    (Regular Investment: $1497)
  • Pricing and Packaging Course 

    This 4-module training course will guide you to package your legal services beyond hourly billing into packages that make it easy for your client to say yes to working with you.
    (Regular Investment: $500)

  • Perpetual Marketing Machine and Client Attraction Systems

    Get your phone ringing every day using proven marketing strategies in this powerful combination of trainings that teach you how to use direct response marketing for lawyers plus put in place the automated marketing systems to stay top of mind with the people you reach in your community who will hire you because you've kept in touch unlike any other lawyer they know. We’ll even throw in our Create Your Hook workshop, that will make sure you stand out from all the other lawyers in your community.
    (Regular Investment: $1997)
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