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What NLBM Members are Saying...

Laura M.

“I now have a huge law practice in one of the wealthiest places in the country and I work a 3 day work week. I can do that because new law business model helped me put in the systems I needed to have that flexibility where my clients are getting even better service than they would get at any other firm, but I have the flexibility to be with my children.

I appreciate everything NLBM has done! We have an incredible lifestyle where we can provide whatever we need to for our family financially, but we don’t have to do it at the expense of being present parents, or with the expense of short cutting our clients. You really can have it all if you want to follow the systems.”

John H.

“Before joining NLBM . . . I didn’t know how to market, and I didn’t have the systems needed to truly succeed. So I went through NLBM training, and I saw that the training works, the systems work, and the people I meet with always become clients.

Within my first month of practicing “next-level estate planning” I started bringing in 2-3 clients a month. The amazing guidance and coaching from NLBM is what allowed me to have multiple 5-figure months. I’m now on a solid path toward having a million dollar law practice.”

Pantea F.

“I joined NLBM shortly after leaving a small rural law office where I had practiced for 4 years. I started my own law firm because I wanted to connect more closely with my clients and provide a higher level of service than what I had been able to provide to my litigation clients.

Before joining NLBM, I was lost. I knew how to practice law but I didn’t know how to run a business, go out and seek clients, or service my existing clients in the highest possible way. 

I cannot count the number of clients who have cried and thanked me after completing their estate plan with my office. They walk away with so much gratitude and relief by the time they walk out two months later, knowing (1) they’ve done what they can to protect those they love, and (2) that they’ve got a personal lawyer they can call throughout their life to help them. 

Since implementing NLBM, I have tripled my average fee. I am building a law practice I truly love, as well as one that is starting to pay the bills. NLBM rocks!”
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