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The 5 Key Shifts Our Most Successful Lawyer Members Used to Create High 6 and 7-Figure Law Practices Serving Families and/or Small Business Owners – Often While Working Only Part-Time
(without having to deal with opposing counsel, bill by the hour, sacrifice time with family, or ever take a client they don’t love to serve) 
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May 13th, 14th and 15th, 2019
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In this Masterclass, you’ll discover … 
  • The counter-intuitive, tested and proven shifts our lawyer members are using to go from stressed out, working constantly, and competing on fees to serving only clients they love, getting paid what they deserve and making a real impact in their clients’ lives so they can never be replaced by LegalZoom or any other online legal technology … while having high 6 and 7 figure law practices and complete control over their schedule. 
  • Why taking whatever walks through the door is driving you into the poor house with zero time for your life, and leading to the scary belief that you aren’t really helping your clients … and how you can earn $4,500 per estate plan or $750 to $3000 per month per business client, when you practice the new law business model, and know you are truly the best lawyer for your clients.  
  • The secret to Break the Time Barrier and get beyond the trading time-for-money model forever to gain complete control over your schedule (yes- that means you can work as much or as little as you want!) 
  • What it means to leverage the Affordability Paradox to make $25,000 to $100,000 per month or beyond, even if that seems like a ridiculous number right now...and command premium fees while STILL being the most affordable option for your clients. (If this seems confusing, not to worry, I’ll explain it all during the Masterclass -- and once you get it fully, it’s going to change everything for you.) 
  • The simple mindset shift that allows you to tap back into the joy and excitement you had when you first became a lawyer ...
  • How to generate clients on demand by educating your community in a whole new way that establishes you as the authority, adds massive value to everyone who meets you, and has you top of mind anytime anyone in your community is looking to hire a lawyer for their family or small business. 
  • And how to do ALL of this even if you want to work part-time , AND without having to go to court, sacrifice time with your family, or bill your time by the hour...
Attorney and mom of 2 Newport Beach, CA
We engaged 98% of all prospects who came into the office..."
Attorney + mom of 1 Phoenix, AZ
Only 7 months later I’ve increased the revenue of my business by over $65,000"
Attorney Fitchburg, MA
I mean, how many lawyers are actually having this much fun!
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Webinar Slots available for
May 13th, 14th and 15th, 2019
Register now to get a spot of your choice. Pick which time/date you want to attend!
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